In the Centre of the Black
Published in NonBinary Review’s online feature Alphanumeric, August 2016
You can read the poem here.

Within an Apple
Published in Whirlwind Issue #8, May 2016
Print & Online Literary Journal (U.S.)
You can read the journal on Issuu here. My poem appears on page 13 by printed page and 19 by the Issuu counter.

This Dust and No Rose for Emily
Published in Lyric: A Literary Chorus, premier issue, June 2012
Online literary journal (U.S.)
Although Lyric‘s website on which these poems were published is no longer available, you can now read This Dust here.

Vanilla Pheromones and Smoke Signals
Published in Psychic Meatloaf Issue 4, October 2011
Print and online literary journal (U.S.)
While the Psychic Meatloaf website is no longer available, you can still get the print journal here. Amanda’s poems are on page 79.

SkitchIf You Need to Name It, It’s Not RealA Relationship’s Not a Hospital/ But Will the Same Rules Apply?; and Swim in the Secrets You Thought You Wanted to Know
Published in The Montreal Review, December 2010
Online magazine (Canada)
All four poems can be read free here.

When the Bell Falls Silent
Published in The Glass Coin in the “Celebrations” portion of the “Traditions and Celebrations” Issue, December 2010
eZine (Canada)
This poem could be read on The Glass Coin‘s website, which is no longer available.

Published in Perspectives, July 2006
Print journal (Canada)
At the time, this journal focused on poems from inanimate objects. Amanda’s object was an apple. Unfortunately this issue is no longer available. However, the journal itself appears to be back in print and is now accepting  poems and short stories from the perspectives of objects and animals.

Obsidian and After Melanoma
Published in The Glass Coin, the “Open Minds” portion of the “Open Minds–Duplicity” issue, January 2011
eZine (Canada)
This issue was on “exploring situations in which something could go one way or another”. The poems could be read on The Glass Coin‘s website, which is no longer available. Amanda was also asked to write an editorial for the issue, which is listed here.

In Hiding and Our Secret
Published in Melange Magazine Issue 3 “Of Shapes and Shadows”, May 2005
Online Magazine (Malaysia)  
The archive for this journal has since been removed but was available on this site, which is currently a travel and culture site by one of the former editors of this magazine.