Published in The Burden of Light: Poems on Illness and Loss, February 2014
Print anthology by Foreword Literary (US)
The anthology is available to read for free on Smashwords, but donations are accepted, and 100% of the proceeds benefit the National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance. You can also purchase the Kindle version of the anthology on Amazon for $.99. Amanda’s poem is on page 75.

A Girl, AloneDriven to Different; and Choosing Childfree
Published in Radical Dislocations: Weird Poems by the Best Underground Poets, August 2013
Print anthology by Chupa Cabra House
All three of Amanda’s poems in this anthology were written during Pulitzer Remix and were first shared on that site. Several other Pulitzer Remix poets were published in this anthology as well. Unfortunately the sources for the found poems (which in her case was Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies) were not printed with the poems. Due to the necessity of properly citing source material for found poems and it being too expensive to fix the error and rerelease the anthology, the decision was made to put Radical Dislocations out of print shortly after it came out. Some of the poems are still available in the preview on Amazon. If you use the Look Inside feature and click Amanda’s name on the Table of Contents you can read A Girl, Alone and Driven to Different. If you managed to snag a print copy of the book, her poems start on page 65.

Row ChasmBead-making, and Smoking Surrender
Published in Velvet Avalanche: A Collection of Erotic Poetry, September 2006
Print anthology by Satja Projects (US)
The anthology is no longer in print, but you may be able to find a copy on Amazon. If you do, Amanda’s poems start on page 127. Note: When Amanda first submitted her poems, the anthology was advertised as an anthology of “sensual” rather than “erotic” poetry, so her poems are more in that vein.